There are numerous official QuickBooks resellers operating across the African continent. Each of these companies and individuals have been vetted by us in order to ensure that you get optimum service, as well as our latest products.

The QuickBooks Reseller Network (QBRN) has very specific requirements that need to be met should you wish to become one of our business partners. This is done as quality assurance for all of our customers.

However, there are numerous criteria you’ll need to meet, before you can become one of our business partners:
  • Accounting professionals
  • Bookkeepers
  • Software resellers IT professional solution providers

Being a QBRN Business Partner will ensure that you receive added benefits. These include: a welcome pack, software, priority support, training, exciting discounts and access to the business partner community.

As a QBRN Business Partner you will be expected to provide the highest level of ongoing service.

QuickBooks EasyBiz reviews its members on a regular basis to ensure that the status of the QBRN is being maintained effectively.